Saturday, 1 May 2010

Recyled sweet tin

It was supposed to rain today and I was going to do my chest of drawers so I decided to do something with the sweet tins left from christmas (I just cann't bring myself to throw them out) I had sprayed them last week with some plasti-kote paint I had in the house so then had a bright idea in the shower this morning (good for me so early in the morning lol) if I make a little cushion and glue it to the top of the tin and line the bottom and inside the lid I can then use it to store all my cottons and the top will be a pin cushion. The ribbon around the middle is also something I could get rid of so has been lurking in my sewing box :)

I also made some lavender hearts with left over fabric, just need to add a ribbon loop (oh and sew the strip ones sides up lol)


  1. Ohh you clever thing! I gave my tins away as I kept them for ages and couldn't think of how to use them :(
    Kandi x

  2. Ohhhh i love what you have done with those Hart. I still have a few in my cupboard. I'm just the same can't bear to throw them out so tomorrow i'll be off to get some plastikote paint and i'll give it a whirl. thanks for the great idea( i suspect mine won't look as professional as yours though lol!)x

  3. Ooh very pretty. Great idea. I have my stuff in an old tin but I never thought of decorating it. Guess what's on my to do list now. Jaqui x