Wednesday, 12 May 2010

My little rose pot find :)

I was so thrilled to find this little china rose trinket pot in the charity shop today for £1.69, not sure where to put it yet but just had to have it :).
Also had some fabric sample arrive today :) very pretty.
I made a mistake of going to the shabby chic thread on MSE and fell in love with all the pic's of everyones work and then looked at the links they provided, Im hooked lol.
And to think it all started with me buying a chest of drawers and wanting to do them up lol.


  1. Oh no - there's a shabby chic thread. I don't have enough time to keep up with the ones I already subscribe too - please don't tell me this.... Jaqui x

  2. Yes, sorry Jaqui. I know Im hooked now so is Kandi lol

  3. I found the shabby chic thread too. Need to find time to make a bath mat beore I tackle the bigger bits though.