Monday, 17 May 2010

Saturday I took my son to my place of work to celebrate being open for 5 years, I work in a childrens play and party centre as a cleaner and was not expecting to be thanked by my boss for keeping the place clean and putting up with Henry for the last 3 years. She gave me a box of Thorntons chocolates and guess what I have a box (choc's now eaten lol), wrapping paper and ribbons to make something else out of them lol. I work in a great place with beautiful views of the river gardens.

I made a bag yesterday but in my haste I didnt measure it correctly so it has turned out too big. Oh well now going to turn it into a laundry bag for my daughters room lol.

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  1. That gift was a nice thought from your employers, I'm looking forward to seeing what the box turns into. I do the same with things I make I usually recycle other stuff to make them so just use the available material rather than measure to match.
    Kandi x