Tuesday, 6 July 2010

school leavers

I help out in my son's school every morning doing the toast club, I have been doing it every morning for 3 years now and as it's a small school I soon get to know all the children.
Well it's that time of the year again when we say goodbye to the year 6 leavers, this year it's only 5 going but I always get them something to say hope their new school years go as well as the last six have done.
This year it has been a nightmare finding something I could give them as every gift I have seen is for children to give to teachers, well it was until I found this wonderful site .

It was just by chance and lots of looking I came across the website and I have added it to my fav's for next year too :)

They are ideal for girls and boys and Dawn has kindly let me tell you about her site and has said if any one wants to order from her to just email her and mention my name and she will give you a discount on your order.
This is such a lovely idea and would be great for even teen leavers.


  1. Thank you Pootle :)
    I am just so happy that I have a nice gift I can give to the leavers and it was so differrent I had to share it and Im pleased that Dawn said I could too :)
    I just hope I dont cry when I give them like I did last yr lol

  2. such a lovely idea, does she do thankyou leaflets too at all? I would think about using these next year when my daughter starts school.

  3. Hi Dana, just asked and she is not doing any just yet but if you want to add the link to your fav's she might do in the future :)

  4. Hi Sue
    It's lovely to read your feedback, I do hope you and the children like the booklets when you receive them. I made them for my year 11's last year and they loved them too, boys and girls - even at that age!!
    Hi Dana
    Sorry I'm not doing leaflets or cards at the moment as I've only just started out with the booklets, but I had been thinking about doing some cards eg Best Friends, Thank You's etc. So this is a possibility for next year, I'll keep you posted.
    Many thanks, Dawn.

  5. What a lovely idea. My son is only just about to finish reception so a while before he leaves just yet but I will bear it in mind!