Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Charity shop & carboot finds

I have been so busy I neglected my blog but now the summer hols are here Im hopeing to keep up to date with it and will be doing a lot of revamping and sewing :)
This little shelf unit was 99p in a charity shop this is how it is now after painting it with Crown flawless powder etiquette paint and a sample of Laurence Llewelyn Bowen wallpaper (thank you Focus hehe). This is the before pic

I went to Silverstone at the weekend to visit my No2 son as he had some tickets for the classic car rally but before we went there my DIL took me to the local carboot where I picked up this great pine corner unit for £12 (I knocked the seller down from £15) it is so heavy (I had to get my son to take it back to the car).
Im not sure where it will go and it needs a good make-over 1st but I love it :)

I also got this neat little box for £3 to keep all my cottons in, this too will get a make-over.

I just wish I had taken more money as I saw a sewing box the I would have loved to do up :( but maybe next time I go I might find another one.


  1. I love your shelves and cupboard they are beautiful, I wish I had the room for all the lovely bits and bobs I see but I just dont :) The wallpaper you have used is lovely too. Glad to see you blogging again.
    Kandi x

  2. You have been busy buying lots of treasure. These are great. Love what you have done with the first one - its unrecognisable!! Am looking forward to seeing what your next makes will be now that its the holidays and you have a bit more time. (Lucky thing!) x

  3. Wow that shelf is stunning welldone you. i love that wallpaper x x