Monday, 7 June 2010

fabric and weekend sewing

I made a larger red heart and put some lavender inside, it looks great on my chest of drawers :)
I never like to throw anything away as I see so much protential in things to become something useful :) Like this offcuts from my OH's gardening projects and some spare wooden knobs. All I have to do is the screw holes and I will have some nice hooks for my bedroom :)

I made some little purses with the samples of fabric I have been collecting they only too 20 mins to make. The little bow is a brooch that was on the pearl like necklace I brought from Primark and the fabric is CK sample just folded and a zip I had already.
This is the blog I got the idea from :)

Saturday I went into town with my daughter, not sure if I will again for a while lol she hates charity shops and only let me go to the market place after I brought a dress for her (15 yr olds, who would have them lol)

I did get the blue spirograph fabric for £1 and the green spotty one for £1.20 about 4 meters in total. The pearl beads and chain with loats of cute bits hanging off it is from Primark £2.00 and £2.50 :) a lot cheaper than buying beads.


  1. What a clever idea those hooks are fantastic! Your purses are really pretty too, a girl can't have enough purses.
    Your haul is great too, the jewellery and the fabric, the green spotty is my very favourite.
    Kandi x

  2. Thank you Kandi, I agree about the purses :)
    I love the green fabric too and I dont usualy like green but I just had to have this piece :)