Monday, 28 June 2010

Sunday, no sewing just Pink :)

Sunday 27th of June I went to see Pink at Alton Towers :) with 5 girls from work . We met up at work 9am as it was on the way (well I was there at 8.20am I was so excited I could not stay home lol).
Pink summer concert was going to start at 6pm (gates opened at 4pm) but we got tickets to spend the whole day on the rids 1st, we are all like big kids lol.
When we went in through the gate at 5pm the grass area was already crowded but we found a spot to sit, Im glad the weather was good. We moved further down nearer the stage a bit later the meet up with another friend, it was packed lol.
Pink had 3 groups that got the 28 thousand people crowd up and jumping.
You should had heard the noise when a big crane swung a box over the stage and when it exploded Pink dropped, it was just the start of a fantastic show.
At the end of the show Pink was harnessed up and sung So What as she twirled all around our heads, I tried to get pics,s but it was hit and miss but luckly most came out ok.
This was the end of the show and it was 10.30pm.
Pink was AMAZING, a fantastic show :)
Alton Towers exit was a nightmare, everyone trying to get back to their cars at the smame time, then we spent over 2 hrs getting out of the carpark.

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