Saturday, 5 June 2010

My cheats quilt now done

My cheats quilt complete and on my bed :) (above)

Today I finished my cheats quilt lol.
I loved this double duvet cover I got from Tesco for £1.98, thank you MSE :)
I was going to cut it up but some how just couldnt so I stuffed some 2oz wadding inside and sewed along the lines of colour/pattern and around the edge.


  1. what a good idea and it looks so pretty too :) i would not of been able to cut it up either
    witchwoopiggy x

  2. Wow thats a great idea Sue. I love the fabric and what a bargain x

  3. Thank you :)
    It is just right to lay on top of my bed :) and make it look pretty and will be nice in the winter