Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Dizzytina's fabric swap

I joined Dizzytina's ( fabric swap and was paired up with sheyo :)
I recived this wonderful package from her :)
I just love the needle case she sent as mine is old and worn out, I love the elephant fabric she used to make it. There were some lovely ribbons and fabrics and stuff it felt like my birthday :)
Thank you very much Shelley :)


  1. On my word! How fast was that, I have not even started mine yet, well I have made a little swap partner is away at Glastonbury so I have some breathing space!
    Fab goodies!
    Kandi x

  2. I will have to send her something else as this was a way better swap than the bits I sent her lol. I am going to make something nice for her as a big thank you.
    I had my stuff ready to send before the closing date lol as I was so excited to do my 1st ever swap :)

  3. How lovely!!! I forgot about the fabric swap :( Was going to sign up for it too but completely forgot. Hopefully next time! - Pootle Flump xx