Monday, 21 June 2010

Not everything goes to plan

I wanted to have a go at making some clothes so I brought this dress pattern from ebay as it looked nice a smple and it said easy 2 hours so I thought if I give it 4 I should be ok lol. The one thing that stumped me was what size do I cut out? but I knew where I would get the best help :)
the sewing forum (mse) and I did :) I was told to cut out a size smaller as New Look patterns a quite generous. Everthing was going great until I had to adjust the straps and found it was like wearing a tent :( I am going to see if I can alter it but if not I have loads of fabric to make a skirt from it lol.
It a learning thing lol.
Some things do go right though lol. I made a simple little lazydays skirt for my princess. The fabric started life as a pillowcase I brought from the charity shop. The side pattern looked like a crown :)

It was easy to do and had some help from Dizzytina and Bunny200 on Martin Lewis (mse) sewing forum for measurements because if I waited any longer for my son to let me know her measurements she would be 21 lol.


  1. You clever thing, that skirt is beautiful the fabric is really nice.
    I can't wait to see your dress I have a pattern for a dress from Prima to attempt but not sure what fabric to use, I want jersey but I'm scared :)
    Kandi x

  2. love the skirt. Don't lose heart ( cuse the pun) with the dress.

  3. the skirt is lovely and im sure she will love it :) as for the dress keep trying you will get there :)
    witchwoopiggy x

  4. Love your little skirt Sue. Its soooo cute! ..and look forward to seeing your "tent" once you have finished it! lol - Pootleflump xx

  5. Well done on attempting dressmaking. You are braver than me, I've not made any clothes at all, it is something that scares me silly!

  6. Sue the skirt looks great and i bet it will fit well x x

  7. Thank you all for the kind and encouraging comments. I think we all have off days lol but its great to know you all have faith in me :)

  8. I was thinking the same about those dress patterns that claim '1 hour' - then I noticed '*sewing time' in the small print - so it doesn't include pressing the pattern, cutting out the pattern, pressing the fabric, pinning the pattern to the fabric, cutting out the fabric and pinning the pieces together ready to sew. And probably doesn't include the bits of pressing you need to do in between all the sewing! Keep at it though, it's very rewarding (says she who is yet to make anything that fits!!) xx