Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Frame sunglasses case and purse

This little purse matches my bag I made a long time ago :)

I made another sunglasses case on Saturday to keep my glasses in the car from scratching. I have so many sunglasses its silly, they are my summer obsession (like boots are to winter lol).
I love this flame fabric I have and thought it matched the hot sunny days we are having at the moment :)
I just wish I could get the glue bit right, It goes everywere lol.


  1. I love the fabric, really pretty.

  2. Me too! Fabric is lovely. where did you get it? - Pootle Flump x

  3. Thank you :) the flame fabric was off ebay.
    The seller is JaskWear, it's under cotton prints on his list. Very good for £3.99 + 75p postage a metre :)