Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Fabric book and fabric

Today after work (round one, back in tonight) I went back to the curtain shop I found in town yesterday and picked up a fabric sample book they had put aside for me. I just can not work out why I had over looked the quaint little shop :(
While there I brought these at £2.99 a metre each. Im not sure what I will do with them yet but they are 100% cotton and so pretty :)
I had a great chat with the owner and he has said Im welcome to come back anytime and pick up as many as I want when they come to an end :)
He has rolls and rolls of fabric in the back of the shop all at £2.99 a metre so now I will never be short of fabric (only money lol).
The second pic is my fav fabric in the book but I do like the 1st one too.
They are also going to be some nice little cushion covers :)

1 comment:

  1. Wow you lucky thing, they will be fab with a border as cushions, or cut up to make makeup bags, or used as the front of tote bags!
    Kandi x